GTC AMG sp. z o.o. having its registered address in Warsaw, ul. Rolna 155A, 02-729 Warszawa, Company Register Number KRS 0000141779, with the company registration files kept by the Warsaw District Court, 13th Business Section of the National Court Register, with the Authorised Share Capital of PLN 125,000.00, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 1180114897, Statistical Identification Number (REGON) 011675790.

  1. Interpreters work in two-person teams.
  2. Interpreters’ working time is indicated in the Order; this working time is 2 or 4 hours depending on the meeting format.
  3. If the customer wishes to extend the interpreters’ working time (interpretation service time) they have to place another Order.
  4. Interpreters come to the meeting place 10 minutes before the starting time of the meeting.
  5. In line with international practice, in the event of an unscheduled overrun of the meeting time the interpreters may offer a maximum 10 minutes of additional working time. After the lapse of such an additional 10-minute time the interpreters interrupt their work and leave the meeting.
  6. The meeting Organiser is supposed to provide the interpreters with drinking water, comfortable work conditions and interpretation equipment necessary for service provision, e.g. interpreting booths with all the necessary equipment or a portable interpretation set (Tour Guide). All equipment must be in good working order.
  7. The meeting Organiser is supposed to provide all available reference materials for the meeting (e.g. presentations, list of speakers) 48 hours before the meeting at the latest. Materials should be forwarded by email to wuf11.interpreting@inveni.re, with a clear indication of the meeting they refer to.
  8. PayU payment method – if for any (unlikely) reasons your request for services is not processed your payment will be transferred back to your account in full amount and without any charges.
  9. A free-of-charge cancellation of Orders is possible until 9 of June 2022, 23:59. In the event of cancellation after this time all and any ordered services will be charged 100%.
  10. Every reduction in the scope of ordered services will be treated as partial cancellation. Such a partial cancellation will be processed on a pro-rata basis in line with the Cancellation Policy as set forth in point 8 above.
  11. In the event of a free-of-charge cancellation the Order price paid by the Customer will be refunded within 14 days from the cancellation date.
  12. Submitting the Order does not yet mean that the Order is confirmed. Orders are confirmed withing 72 hours from the Order submission time. Order Confirmations are sent by email. The Order number is indicated in the Order Confirmation.
  13. All additional questions, queries or Orders for languages not listed in the Order Form can be forwarded by email to wuf11.interpreting@inveni.re.